Why Kuwazo?

Kuwazo is Kenya’s fastest growing money lending app. Launched in June 2018, Kuwazo already has more than 13,000 downloads on Google Playstore and growing. Whether you’re looking for a loan to start your business, to pay your child’s school fees or even just to do some shopping, Kuwazo makes it easy to apply for loans anywhere anytime. Register in seconds and apply for a loan and the money will be deposited straight into your account.

  • Simply download the app
  • Sign up
  • Apply for a loan
  • Receive your loan direct into your M-Pesa account

Best of all Kuwazo gives you the chance to build your loan limit all the way to Ksh. 30,000 by repaying your loans on time.
No more long bank queues and paperwork. Kuwazo is a fast, reliable and convenient way to have access to funds anywhere, anytime all the time.

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